Latest Crown Bus News:

  • Crown Bus has increased its fleet size and Category. We have recently acquire State-of-Art new luxury minibuses with 32 seating capacity.
    • Crown Bus has also acquired new luxury Scania buses. Check them out at the PHOTOS section.
  • Crown Bus has taken a big leap having partnered with Safaricom to ease booking and Payment for our esteemed customers.
    • You can now easily log on to and click on the easy travel.
    • You can also book directly from your phone by daling *611# and follow instructions.
    • All our Offices are now automated and you can pay from any of our offices and travel from another.
  • 6th July 2009 Offers and Promotions
  • 25th May 2009 Crown bus is opened a new route to Kogelo.
  • 2008 Rated Number One in the bus category by Association of Kenya insurance
  • 2nd February 2007 Crown Bus took a BIG leap and ventured into the western route being the 1st bus company to introduce the luxury executive buses in that particular region

Promotions and Offers

Crown Bus is always at the fore front thinking of how to give benefit to our customers and re-inventing ourselves to meet the ever changing business/customers demands.

Our department for New Business development inconjuction with our Directors is pleased to announce the launch of a business concept Dubbed “CROWN FREQUENT USER PROMOTION”. We are sensitive to the hard economic times facing Kenyans and do join them as a Company that plows back some of its profits to the customers.

In a nutshell this is how the product works, our passengers to Mombasa & Kisumu who normally pay Ksh 900/= for a ticket will now have a 25% discount on the 4th Ticket and a 40% Discount on the 6th Ticket , 75%  discount on the 8th ticket and a complimentary ticket on the 11th travel.

Additionally we have not forgotten our business class customers who ply to and fro the major towns and all our routes this is your turn Book Now a return Ticket and save 10% of the fare to any of our routes.

Crown Bus Service in partnership with the public to give quality service at an affordable price, we want to remind our customers that YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE TO BE SPECIAL.

We have exciting products within our parcel service including Cash On Delivery Service OR SEND NOW PAY AT DESTINATION ….. PARCEL RATES INCLUSIVE OF DEDICATED HIRE- DOOR TO DOOR EXCLUSIVE PRICES TO ALL MAJOR TOWNS.


To qualify for 25% discount you must produce 4 tickets that conform to the conditions above.

  1. To qualify for 40% discount you must produce 6 tickets that conform to the conditions above.
  2. To qualify for 75% discount you must produce 8 tickets that conform to the conditions above.
  3. To qualify for a complimentary you must produce 10 tickets all must be within this year (2009) or from the effective date of promotion.
  4. Book Return ticket to any Destination and get 10%  discount


  • All tickets MUST bear the same Names.
  • Tickets MUST have been purchased as from 7th July 2009 the effective date of promotion.
  • Tickets MUST be for different dates.
  • Tickets MUST  have same Identification NumberTerms and Conditions Apply